Data Management

Data Management

Streamline Capture and Aggregation of Investment Data

Optimize Storage of Large Data Sets

Leverage Data for Real-Time Analysis



Private Cloud Solution Enhances Security

Outsource Technology and System Maintenance

Satisfy Best Practices for Disaster Recovery

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Back Office Portfolio Accounting, IBOR

Front/Middle Office OMS, Modeling, Compliance

Front to Back Office, Fully Integrated System

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Gain Third Party Oversight for Greater Transparency

Enhance Operational Resources while Reducing Costs

Mix and Match Services or complete BPO

Featured White Paper

Case Study

The Era of Big Data - Implications for Investment Managers

Understand big data and what it means for investment management firms, while gaining an intellectual framework for evaluating investment software systems and operational processes to prepare for and thrive in the era of big data.

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INDATA® is a leading industry provider of software and services for buy-side firms, including trade order management (OMS), compliance, portfolio accounting and front-to-back office delivered via iPM Epic® – the industry’s first investment management platform specifically designed for the era of big data.

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