INDATA UK Client Workshop Recap

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    INDATA Workshop Brings Clients Together for a Common Cause

    On 25 September 2018, INDATA hosted a client workshop at The Stafford Hotel in London.

    All current INDATA UK clients were in attendance with several firms sending multiple representatives from operations, dealing, and compliance. After an introductory presentation from INDATA, clients were introduced to each other with each highlighting their role, what they are using INDATA for, as well as any projects underway.

    This session was followed by an informal user group meeting where clients commented on topics of interest to them as well as expressed their priorities and concerns. This open forum setting is something that INDATA uniquely offers and clients found several items that were of common interest to them.

    Afternoon sessions followed which focused on current system usage, including how to leverage iPM Epic for greater effect and ROI and also learned about additional INDATA product offerings that could be of benefit to their firms including INDATA EOD (End of Day) Pricing Service and GSDS (Global Shareholder Disclosure Service), which provides a software and services based solution for GSDS Compliance.

    A second session followed which focused on INDATA’s next-generation software including Portal, Architect AI, and Epic Trader. Clients were educated on how INDATA has integrated highly beneficial and leading-edge technologies including Big Data, AI, and Machine learning into these new products. The workshop concluded with a cocktail reception in The Stafford’s wine cellar.

    The UK client workshop was the last in a series of planned regional client conferences (Greenwich, CT – San Diego, CA – London, UK), which achieved their goal of bringing together clients to discuss common goals and objectives and to network in friendly settings outside of their offices.

    We are excited at the prospect of future conferences. Have an idea for the next conference? Email INDATA Marketing with suggestions and/or feedback.

    We look forward to seeing you at one of our future conferences!