Active vs. Passive Management: Data-Driven Guide to Key Differences

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    According to a recent article in FundFire, in order for managers to effectively market themselves they must understand what institutions are looking for in constructing their portfolios that help fit with their risk/return and fee profiles.

    Without a centralized repository of investment data, however, this is extremely challenging. Those fund managers who have invested in such resources are at distinct competitive advantage as sales and marketing teams can have instant access to all of their investment data at their fingertips. Being able to arm themselves with more accurate, granular and impactful data means they can better address clients’ inquiries in a much quicker fashion and demonstrate how their active management style adds value.

    At INDATA we are constantly looking for ways to adapt and improve emerging technologies for the purpose of providing critical insights for our clients in an easily-accessible and instant fashion, including our most recent offering Epic Data API (more information here) which was specifically designed for this purpose.   Tools like Epic Data API specialize in taking the “tech” out of the equation (we take care of that) so our clients can gain a distinct competitive advantage.