Back Office Managed Services


    INDATA Managed Services create operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve transparency in line with industry best practices for investment management outsourcing of certain functions and administrative processes related to back office investment management.

    INDATA offers a complete range of outsourcing services that can act as an extension of the investment manager’s operations, compliance (i.e. those tasked with running pre trade compliance software and post trade compliance software), and/or tech teams for a complete wealth management outsourcing solution. INDATA Managed Services offer both a complete wealth outsourcing system as well as “a la carte” services options.


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    Why Outsource?

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Increase Business Process and Controls

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce Admin

    Growth AUM,
    Not Overhead

    Complete Outsourcing Solution

    Increased Efficiency with Total Control

    By utilizing wealth management outsourcing solutions, firms can exclusively focus on the business of investing and devote minimum time and expense to operations and administration while demonstrating effective third party oversight for compliance purposes.

    A La Carte Service Options

    Reduce Costs

    The ability to “mix and match” SA services is a key benefit. Competing outsourcing services are often unnecessarily expensive and typically cannot be unbundled. INDATA SA delivers total flexibility for individual client needs. Not the “all or nothing” approach employed by many outsourcers.

    Leverage The Cloud

    IT Expertise on Demand

    INDATA provides a number of specialized IT services for iPM Cloud Clients via INDATA SA. Whether it is optimizing remote access, providing additional security measures, maximizing performance & scalability, or general IT, rely on a trusted technology partner.



    INDATA Managed Services are offered by INDATA to in-house or iPM Cloud clients and provide remote system administration and verification by INDATA staff.

    The goal of INDATA Managed Services is to allow in-house or cloud clients to function in an outsourced environment while still benefiting from the open architecture that iPM Epic provides. INDATA Managed Services allows clients to operate in a “hands free” environment without having to worry about or staff around processing functions. In addition, operations and administrative staff can shift their focus from processing functions to other functions that relate to core business.

    Real-time Compliance
    Compliance as a Service

    INDATA’s Compliance-as-a-Service is a fully integrated compliance offering that provides software, technology, services and data via a single, fully-integrated solution.  

    Compliance-as-a-Service is offered by INDATA to iPM Epic clients via iPM Cloud as well as in-house software users and provides INDATA clients with the ability to leverage highly experienced INDATA staff for compliance rule writing, set up and testing.

    The goal of Compliance-as-a-Service is to assist INDATA clients on an outsourcing basis, as well as to act as an extension of the firms compliance, operations, and/or trading departments to enhance compliance, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.

    Key Features
    • Compliance Rule Writing/Creation
    • Review of Pending Compliance Rules with Client’s Compliance and/or Operations Staff
    • Rule Testing and Ongoing Updates to iPM Compliance Rules Library

    Key Benefits
    • Allows clients to operate in a “hands free” environment without having to worry about or staff around complex compliance rules administration in an effort mitigate risk and reduce costs
    • Compliance/Operations staff can shift focus from software administration duties to higher level functions related to core business
    • Provides clients with highly experienced INDATA staff with compliance knowledge at a fraction of the cost of adding additional in-house resources or utilizing third-party vendor solutions

    Advanced Recon Services
    INDATA ARS (Advanced Recon Services)

    ARS is a service offered by INDATA that provides daily reconciliation services for clients using INDATA’s software tools and established custodians. The goal of INDATA ARS is to provide a fully outsourced reconciliation solution for clients.  

    ARS eliminates the time consuming process of gathering data directly from multiple custodians and provides and investment operations professionals with a full extension of their back office to expedite daily reconciliation activities.

    INDATA CA (Corporate Actions)

    INDATA Corporate Actions is a service offered by INDATA for in-house and iPM Cloud clients that provides a consolidated data file, delivered on a daily basis, of merger, acquisition and spinoff activity involving U.S. domestic equities covered by INDATA.  

    INDATA CA Eliminates the need for “interpretation” and manual data entry of merger, acquisition and spinoff activity, significantly reducing the potential for error due to “bad” data entry or “misinterpretation” of entered data within the iPM Epic software system.

    Rate of Return
    INDATA ROR (Rate-of-Return)

    INDATA ROR is a service offered by INDATA that provides proactive rate-of-return (ROR) verification by INDATA Staff. The goal of INDATA ROR is to provide rate-of-return monitoring, troubleshooting and correction due to erroneous data.  

    INDATA ROR allows investment firms to comply with industry best practices of having external third-party review of performance data on a daily basis. It also eliminates the time consuming and often error prone process of troubleshooting return issues and making corrections to data.

    Data/IT Services
    Data/IT Services

    In a world of ever increasing complexity with regards to technology as well as the ever increasing volumes of data that is being created and used in the investment process, INDATA’s Data and IT services provide a valuable resource for operations and technology professionals of investment firms.  

    The goal of INDATA’s Data/IT services is to optimize the data processing model and maximize the performance of mission critical investment systems.   Whether it is trying to cope with effective ways to accommodate increasing data storage requirements, custom report writing, or other IT related services, INDATA professionals have the know how to generate ROI on mission critical systems.

    Implementation Services
    Implementation Services

    For new clients implementing iPM Epic, INDATA offers a wide range of professional services that include installation, training (both on-site and remote), project governance, data conversion, report writing, and other services required by clients to implement INDATA’s iPM Epic software suite for maximum effect.  

    INDATA employs a cross functional team of professionals representing each key area to maximize project output and minimize costs.

    Investment Research/Brokerage Services
    Investment Research/Brokerage Services

    Gordon Haskett Capital Corporation (GHCC), our broker/dealer affiliate, offers research products for a wide variety of investment strategies and approaches.   

    In addition, many of Gordon Haskett & Co’s INDATA investment research and brokerage products and services may be paid for in commission dollars in accordance with the “safe harbor” provisions provided for under Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. GHCC provides INDATA clients with full service trading capabilities.

    INDATA Managed Services

    Improve operational
    efficiency & reduce
    in-house costs.