Back Office Managed Services


    With INDATA’s back office managed services, firms can tap INDATA experts to support a wide range of managed services related to portfolio accounting, including:

    • Outsourced investment management that involves INDATA acting as an extension of the operations team for back office portfolio accounting activities involving system administration
    • Complete portfolio accounting and wealth management outsourcing with an experienced, and scalable services tech team for back office investment operations related to portfolio accounting and daily data reconciliation

    Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) whereby, INDATA experts take on tasks related to pre-trade and post-trade compliance rules setup and administration



    Increase efficiency with total control. Firms can use INDATA’s wealth management outsourcing solutions and portfolio accounting services to focus on core activities, not administrative work.


    Increase efficiency and reduce costs by selecting individual managed services. INDATA back office portfolio accounting outsourcing offers the flexibility to align with each firm’s unique needs. This pick-and-choose model makes managed services easy to implement.


    Receive IT expertise on demand with INDATA’s specialized IT resources. This solution is available for iPM Cloud clients. Examples of services include optimizing remote access, providing additional cybersecurity measures, maximizing performance and scalability, and general IT. Rely on a trusted technology partner to support infrastructure all in a private cloud model.


    Here’s what firms can expect when working with INDATA.

    Why Outsource?

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Increase Business Process and Controls

    Reduce Costs

    Reduce Admin

    Growth AUM,
    Not Overhead

    Increased Operational Efficiency

    With outsourced resources, internal staff can get help with labor-intensive activities to maximize efficiency. As a result, employees can focus on core competencies and services to clients rather than back office administration related to portfolio accounting activities.

    Enhanced Business Processes and Controls

    INDATA’s advanced back office portfolio accounting software combined with INDATA experts offers another layer of protection relating to compliance, streamlined processes, and greater controls involving back office operations.

    Reduced Costs

    Outsourcing is always a cost saver. In the realm of investment management, firms can work within their own budget. Grow AUM without adding headcount.

    Decreased Administrative Burdens

    The administration of back office activities and portfolio accounting software requires considerable time. Let INDATA handle this so that employees can focus on activities related to services to clients.


    INDATA delivers comprehensive back office managed services for clients whether they use INDATA’s software solutions via iPM Cloud or on-premise. INDATA staff fully supports remote system administration.

    INDATA back office management enables clients to function in an outsourced environment and benefit from the open architecture that INDATA’s iPM software provides. Through INDATA’s outsourced investment management services, firms can delegate the management back-office portfolio accounting activities like reconciliation and system administration. As a result, organizations can allocate more resources to client-related endeavors.

    ARS provides daily reconciliation services for clients using INDATA’s software tools and leading custodians. Robust daily reconciliation for portfolio accounting is a critical component of the ARS service. INDATA staff verify portfolio investment data including holdings, transactions, and security reference data required for internal users and external clients.

    INDATA Corporate Actions is a service for consolidating data sources for delivered daily merger, acquisition, and spin-off activity involving U.S. domestic equities covered by INDATA. With this solution, firms eliminate the need for “interpretation” and manual data entry of these activities by reducing the potential for human errors or misinterpretation of data entered with the iPM software.

    INDATA Staff verify daily rate of return calculations through INDATA ROR. The goal of INDATA ROR is to provide rate-of-return monitoring, troubleshooting, and correction due to erroneous data. INDATA ROR allows investment firms to comply with industry standards by using an external third-party review of performance data daily. It also removes the challenges of time-consuming, error-prone processes of troubleshooting return issues and making corrections to data.

    INDATA CaaS is a fully integrated compliance offering that provides software, technology, services, and data via a single solution. Leverage compliance experts for a variety of services, including rule writing, setup, and testing. Get continuous updates from the iPM Compliance Rules Library. Let INDATA manage routine compliance tasks while chief compliance officers focus on high-level core work related to their own firms.

    Ever-increasing volumes of data, rapidly advancing technology, and a complicated landscape of interconnected systems make IT complex. Effective data management is critical to modern investment management firms and data is the key driver for better decision-making. INDATA Data and IT services supply firms with valuable resources for operations. Working with INDATA, firms optimize data processing models and maximize the performance of investment management software. These solutions support various needs, from accommodating data storage growth to custom report writing to general IT support.

    For new clients implementing INDATA’s iPM SaaS, INDATA can assist with the technical and data aspects of the implementation. Clients can also get help with training (on-site and remote), project governance, data conversion, report writing, and other services required to implement INDATA’s iPM software suite for maximum effect. A cross-functional team represents each client to optimize results.

    Gordon Haskett Capital Corporation (GHCC), INDATA’s broker/dealer affiliate, offers research products for event-driven investment strategies and approaches, adding value for portfolio managers who are using INDATA’s portfolio measurement and reporting services and/or portfolio accounting software, which enhances portfolio management and reporting, providing INDATA clients with precise insights into their investments.


    • INDATA staff with significant experience and knowledge of investment operations
    • Personalized collaboration between clients and INDATA staff to achieve goals and generate ROI
    • Customized approach to outsourcing for each client
    • Affordable, scalable solutions
    • Full-scale implementation support
    • Flexibility to choose full outsourced investment management or individual back office  managed services related to portfolio accounting


    Organizations can choose to have a complete solution, only use some services, or get help for IT-related needs.

    Firms can benefit in many ways from outsourcing. It reduces costs, promotes efficiency, enables greater transparency, and empowers employees to concentrate on core competencies.

    Outsourcing of back office management is available to all clients whether they operate via iPM Cloud in-house.


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