Big Data: The Untapped Opportunity for Banks and Buy-Side

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    At INDATA we have found that buy-side firms are becoming increasingly receptive towards the benefits that big data tech provides and this has led to a strong increase in adoption amongst our client base. What we are seeing is that in order to be successful with big data solutions, investment managers sometimes need to make a “cultural” change and embrace the concept of having an enterprise-wide data set across the firm. This is where very large organizations often have difficultly, namely embracing and implementing change. Most medium and smaller buy-side firms do not have this issue and this is where big data technology, much like technology itself, can become a great equalizer, i.e. giving small to mid-size investment managers a competitive advantage over their larger peers. This theme of embracing big data tech through cultural change is echoed in this recent report from Greyspark which is worth a read.