Big Data in The News

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    Lots of industry discussion this week regarding big data.  Aite Group and Reuters recent findings that the capital markets have been “relatively slow” to adopt big data strategies could not be further from what we are seeing within our distinct market segment on the buy side.  What we are finding thus far with the launch of our iPM Epic big data solution is that investment managers large and small understand the relevance of big data technologies and how their firms might benefit.  Perhaps one of the challenges many financial firms face is how industry consultants and vendors try to explain the concept of big data.  To that end we published our recent white paper to assist investment management firms in understanding what big data really means and how they can benefit.  Also some good blogs by industry vendors and journalists that discuss some specific areas big data technologies can benefit large financial services firms, though many of the topics discussed are somewhat abstract and will miss the mark for the typical investment management firm.