Big Data Solutions: The Answer to Investment Data Management Needs

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    Interesting research from Aite Group and SunGard citing “increased pressure to leverage data” and “better support for data aggregation” for middle to back-office. ¬†While middle and back office are certainly very important, investment managers who are coming off of tight budgets after the financial crisis are unlikely to invest in new technology unless there is a tangible ROI for the front office as well.

    That is where true “big data” solutions come into play and the traditional “data management” solutions fall short because they are primarily back-office oriented. ¬†Investment management firms that employ a more holistic view of big data as a concept, as opposed to the more traditional “data management” point of view, which is primarily back-office based, stand to gain the most in the current environment and will certainly come out ahead of their competitors who are stuck in a silo-based world along with the legacy vendors who support them.