Big Data Tops Technology Trends

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    Interesting article in last week’s Institutional Investor on future technology trends.

    While many of the trends cited in the article seem quite abstract and subject to change based on business cycles more than the author would appear to believe, the premise of the article and the the statistical evidence involving the last trend cited would appear to speak for itself:

    To frame this conversation in terms of investing, I see five key dynamics of technology in the global economy around which portfolio managers need to develop their thinking not only to ensure they participate in the next wave of wealth creation but also to protect capital loss from sectors and regions that will not be able to take advantage of the technology.”

    “The fifth and final point addresses the financial community, which will need to wrap its mind around the use and misuse of data and the oft-discussed concept of big data in particular. As British travel writer and essayist Pico Iyer recently recounted in the New York Times, humanity now produces as much data in two days as it did in all of history until 2003. The amount of data is doubling every two years. As a quantitative industry — dealing with numbers and data — investment professionals will need to develop a responsible and thoughtful approach to data and its explanatory power on the future.”

    Not much more can be said as succinctly on one topic as that.