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    investment management AI

    How Is AI Used in Investment Management?

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    Managing investments remains a very complex aspect of financial services. With so many factors having an impact, investment decisions must be fast and accurate to ensure a positive outcome. The…

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    Digital world

    The Countdown to T+1: What INDATA Is Doing to Assist Clients

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    On May 28, 2024, U.S., Canadian, and Mexican equity trades will settle on a T+1 basis. As a software and services provider to the buy-side, we have been working diligently…

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    How AI Is Revolutionizing Fintech

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    Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be a transformative technology in many industries, and it’s also disrupting fintech. In fact, 90% of global fintech companies are already relying on the power…

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    asset management technology

    Technologies in Asset Management Every New Manager Needs

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    Technology plays a key role in asset management. Its implementation delivers a more automated and simplified investment process, as well as greater efficiency. Emerging technologies in asset management also offer…

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    Wealth reporting in investment management

    Guide to Improving Performance Reporting for Wealth Management Firms

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    Wealth management reporting can and should be a competitive advantage for any investment firm. Investment strategies are unique from firm to firm and end clients expect customized and personalized performance…

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    business man utilizing technology

    Technology’s Role in the Future of Investment Management

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    Technology’s Role in the Future of Investment Management Investment Management has become more automated, more data-driven, and more transparent due to technological innovation. Finance and technology are now interlinked, creating…

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    investment manager working with wide data

    Wide Data & How It Applies to Investment Managers

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    Wide Data: A Powerful Tool for Investment Managers There’s no doubt that the rise of big data has transformed how companies around the world make decisions. However, as our ability…

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    GARP Feature – AI’s Inroads in Investment Management

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    In the Global Association of Risk Professionals’ latest article, INDATA’s David Csiki provides his take on AI’s role in investment management and how it will likely be used in buy…

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    solving the data challenges

    Future Proofing the Front Office: Data Analytics

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    Data Analytics Powered by APIs – Solving the Data Challenge Part 2 of a 3-part series on Future-Proofing the Front Office. Want to download the full Whitepaper directly? Get it…

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    Disruptive tech cloud

    Future-Proofing the Front Office: The Cloud

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    Future-Proofing the Front Office: Cloud-Based Asset Management Part 1 of a 3 part series on Future-Proofing the Front Office.  There are several key considerations in the pursuit of future-proofing the…

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