INDATA’S Response to COVID-19

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    Update as of March 31, 2020

    The Importance of Cloud-based Software & Tech Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

    What a challenging time it has been!  Like many of you, we have adapted our business successfully to the constraints imposed on us by the COVID-19 virus and have implemented policies and procedures to comply with state, federal, and country-specific regulations and guidelines in terms of how we operate in each of our locations to keep our employees, clients, and partners safe and productive. The great news is that as a technology firm first and foremost, all of the systems and processes that we have put in place for our clients as well as ourselves are working perfectly, allowing us all to work remotely and securely. There has been no greater proof of concept for our iPM Cloud software approach than COVID-19 and we are extremely gratified and take great pride that our cloud clients have been able to operate their mission-critical INDATA software without missing a beat.

    Our Business Prospects Remain Strong

    We are currently working on new client implementations in the U.S., the UK, and Australia. Our message of modernizing, simplifying, and reducing costs through the deployment of a technology-based software approach that includes the cloud, the web, APIs, Big Data Analytics and AI is resonating. To that end, we’ve updated our website From an industry standpoint, many investment firms are saddled with systems that no longer fit as they are legacy-based from a tech standpoint, overly complex, and often overly expensive. With the recent market volatility adding pressure to reduce costs and modernize technology infrastructure, we feel that our firm is uniquely positioned to benefit. We have no debt, a healthy balance sheet and we are not burdened with the large cost structures of many of our competitors. For current INDATA clients, we continue to enhance our software based on client feedback, all while providing a technology roadmap so that you all can stay ahead of your own competitors. Our OMS improvements, iPM Portal, Architect AI, and Architect AI Data Analytics for BI reporting all offer tremendous advantages and there is a path for each and every INDATA client to benefit.

    We hope that you, your families and your loved ones are all keeping safe and staying healthy

    Thank you for your business, support, and continued friendship. We will all get through this together and we look forward to seeing each and every one of you again and getting together for fun and informative events like our client user conferences in the not-too-distant future.

    – The INDATA Team

    Update as of March 7, 2020

    As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation continues to evolve, we want to make you aware of the steps we are taking here at INDATA to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to mitigate any impact on our clients and business partners. Our primary concern is the health and safety of our employees. Our goal is to protect the health of our employees while providing exceptional and uninterrupted service and support to our clients, particularly in a turbulent market environment. To that end, INDATA has adopted the following policies and procedures.

    Employee & Client Safety

    We have mandated that our employees report any possible virus exposure to management. Any employee exposed to the virus will be immediately required to take sick leave. Additionally, employees who are feeling unwell or who are experiencing symptoms will be required to take sick leave and/or work from home as appropriate.

    Working Remotely

    To date, our offices remain open. As the need arises for INDATA employees to work from home, we can assure our clients and business partners that there are secure and reliable systems in place to allow our staff to work remotely and securely. Our Business Continuity Plan consists of backup and recovery for our production systems, risk assessment, alternate communications, emergency contacts, and more.

    Restricted Travel

    We are doing our part by prohibiting employee travel to any CDC-designated Level 3 areas for work or personal reasons as well as the European travel ban. Business travel to all other areas has been eliminated and substituted by calls, emails, video conferences, and other similar alternative means of communication.

    Personal Health & Office Cleanliness

    Enhanced and more frequent cleanings of our offices within all of our locations, social distancing, and abiding by the minimum recommended number of people allowed to gather have been implemented. Employees have also been encouraged to wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, avoid groups, and limit personal travel as practical.

    As the situation continues to evolve, we will share additional information and consider the implementation of other policies and guidelines as developments warrant. We encourage everyone, including our employees, to act safely. It is a challenging time and we will take the steps necessary to ensure a safe work environment and the continued strength and smooth operations for our clients. If we have any changes to our daily operations, we will immediately inform you.

    Thank you, and please contact us if you have any questions.