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    Architect AI

    The investment industry’s first OMS solution based on AI and machine learning, Architect AI is a portfolio construction, modeling, rebalancing, compliance, trading and reporting solution made to perform complex workflows more rapidly, allowing portfolio managers, traders, compliance, operations and key executives to work more efficiently.

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    i-p-m portal

    iPM Portal

    iPM Portal integrates portfolio analytics as well as CRM functions, providing users with a holistic view of portfolio information including performance analytics and contact information for portfolios, accounts and composites. iPM Portal also includes external client access features that provide a cutting-edge digital experience for the end client, putting mission critical Information in the hands of client-facing end users via the web.

    Functionality Includes:

    -> Customizable dashboards for individual, customized, or aggregate level accounts
    -> A web-based, external access view of account information, reporting, transactions and documents for end client’s assigned accounts
    -> Performance analytics and portfolio data for accounts including rates-of-returns, holdings, transactions, etc.

    -> Full Microsoft Outlook integration, Account/Portfolio note collection, Document Management, Mail Merge, etc.
    -> A secure and insightful window for clients to view their account information
    -> Customization of accessible information provided to the licensee’s clients

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    Architect AI Data Analytics

    A modern approach to data management and BI Reporting, Architect AI Data Analytics provides investment managers with the ability to easily aggregate data sources to provide enterprise-wide Business Intelligence reporting.

    Functionality Includes:

    -> Custom web-based, interactive dashboards and reports for your entire organization
    -> “Plug-in” to all of your data providers including front/middle/back-office systems, market data, CRM, research and other sources of data, including spreadsheets

    -> A true SaaS. Choose from cloud-based, iPM Private or public cloud options or in-house/deployed solutions
    -> Create a central data repository and benefit from practical AI like Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning both now and in the future

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