INDATA Enhances Platform for MiFID II Compliance

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    iPM Epic Includes Enhanced Compliance, Data Management & More

    Greenwich, CT – March 14, 2017 – INDATA®, a leading industry provider of software, technology, and services for buy-side firms, today announced it has made a release available to clients that contains significant functionality enhancements geared towards the MiFID II implementation date of January 2018.

    More than 350 changes were made to the iPM Epic software suite with a focus on the following key areas:

    • Compliance Enhancements – Numerous User Interface (UI) changes and data aggregation tools to harness data from external systems for complex compliance rule calculation and handling on a more granular level.
    • Data Management – Streamlined workflows for efficiently capturing and storing internal and external data across the front, middle, and back offices. The updates provide full reconciliation capability and audit trail resulting in a high level of data integrity which is essential for addressing MiFID II reporting requirements.
    • OMS enhancements in the areas of FIX, portfolio modeling, and other areas related to trading across asset classes.

    Collectively these enhancements allow iPM Epic clients significant competitive advantages in preparation for the upcoming MiFID II implementation. All enhancements are based on the big data technology at the heart of iPM Epic, which is essential given the higher data volumes that are required to be captured as part of MiFID II.

    “At INDATA, much of the work that we have done to prepare our clients for MiFID II involves the sophisticated enterprise-wide data management capabilities based on big data technology that is part of our iPM Epic solution which runs through front-middle and back office,” commented David J. Csiki, President of INDATA. “Our clients will not only be thoroughly prepared for MiFID II, they will also gain competitive advantages for their businesses in the process.”

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