Institutional Investment Managers

    Institutional Investment Managers

    Investment Management Software for Institutional Investment Managers

    ​In the competitive world of institutional investment management, Fund Managers and Hedge Funds with institutional clients require top-of-the-line technology to stay ahead. INDATA’s SaaS-based solutions for Trade Order Management (OMS/EMS) and Compliance, Portfolio Management (PMS), Portfolio Accounting, Reporting and Attribution offer a complete suite of fully modular software tools specifically tailored for Global Fund Managers and Hedge Funds with an institutional investment management approach.  

    Why INDATA

    INDATA’s cloud-native SaaS offers the latest technology including robust data analytics, fully integrated BI Reporting and practical AI tools to take on the most complex workflows in trading and portfolio management on a multi-asset basis where seconds matter. With more than 25 years of experience, INDATA has both in-depth functionality and the breadth of experience as compared with newer market entrants.

    Our Investment Management Software Solutions

    Architect AI

    The investment industry’s first trading and reporting solution (OMS/EMS) based on AI and machine learning for order and execution management.

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    IPM Portal

    Portfolio management software integrating analytics and CRM functions, for a holistic view of portfolios, accounts and composites.

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    Architect AI Data Analytics

    A modern approach to data management and BI reporting without the complexity and expense of traditional data warehouses.

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    Institutional Class OMS Capabilities

    INDATA’s trade order management system provides real-time blotter analytics with complete integration of live pricing and analytical data from third party providers. It also includes EMS functionality with effective program and list trading tools, extensive connectivity with established algorithmic trading providers, dark pools, TCA and integration with third party products.  The system is multi-asset and handles all fixed income security types.


    Rapidly and efficiently execute orders and trades across asset classes. Advanced blotter features including cross-linked grids, multiple selections, algos, and blotter analytics. Fully customizable per user. Built by traders, for traders.

    Portfolio Managers

    Quickly and efficiently generate “what if” trades, rebalance portfolios, manage cash, check compliance, update models and view analytics & reports based on the latest tech including Al, machine learning and industry leading technology.


    Set-up and back test complex compliance guidelines involving regulatory rules like SEC, UCITS, and GSDS (Global Shareholder Disclosure) as well as investment guidelines. Automate workflows including notifications, authorizations and more.

    Middle Back Office

    Middle back office operations software with fully automated trade settlement including real-time interface with Omgeo CTM and other leading providers and custodian systems. Supports FIX and XML interfaces. Fully automated posting of trades to back office via single database

    Key Functionality:

    -> Robust portfolio modeling and rebalancing
    -> Condition based “if/then” order generation
    -> Advanced Compliance including GSDS
    -> Family and group trading capabilities

    -> “What/if” analysis across asset classes
    -> Multi-currency
    -> Tax lot tracking tools
    -> Risk/attribution/fundamental analytics

    -> Multi-security swapping
    -> Multi-asset
    -> Tax efficient portfolio management
    -> Long/short fund management

    Advanced Compliance

    INDATA’s world class compliance functionality includes a full services offering, providing INDATA clients with the ability to leverage highly experienced INDATA staff for compliance rule writing, set up and testing.  The goal is to assist INDATA clients and act as an extension of the firms compliance, operations, and/or trading departments to enhance compliance, increase operational efficiency and reduce risk.

    Full Managed Outsourcing Services to Increase Productivity

    INDATA’s investment management software automates essential functions, including portfolio accounting and fund administration, reconciliation, performance measurement, reporting, billing, and more. Our optional managed outsourcing services empower operations staff to provide more timely and accurate information to front office stakeholders and executives while reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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    Your Data is Private

    INDATA’s SaaS solutions are delivered via iPM Cloud, a secure, private and scalable cloud based asset management solution. iPM cloud enhances security via a dedicated private cloud that offers the flexibility of the SaaS model without comingling client data. INDATA clients utilize iPM software and their other proprietary applications together for optimum efficiency and maximum data privacy in line with fiduciary best practices.

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