Investment Management Software for Institutional Investment Managers


    Is your current investment management software experience delivering real value? Disconnected systems and the inability to work with real-time data can be common obstacles. True integration across platforms may only be surface-deep, with challenges around creating a complete picture, increasing the risk of error.

    INDATA’s cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  offers real-time data across mission-critical functions. It includes a best-of-clas trade order management system (OMS/EMS), compliance, portfolio management (PMS), portfolio accounting, reporting, attribution, and more. This complete suite of advanced tools is the ideal operating model for institutional investment managers. Global fund managers and hedge funds with institutional clients appreciate this approach to institutional investment management.

    Robust functionality and complete integration also enable access to fully integrated business intelligence (BI) reporting and practical AI tools. When seconds matter, users can handle the most complex trading, portfolio management, and reporting workflows for multiple asset classes.

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    Execute orders and trades across asset classes quickly and effectively. Achieve this with advanced trading blotter functionality, including cross-linked grids, multiple selections, one-click functionality, advanced trading algorithms leading brokers, and blotter analytics. The system is completely customizable and was built by traders for traders.


    Access practical AI tools using natural language, machine learning, and industry-leading technology to generate “what if” trades, rebalance portfolios, update models, and view analytics and reports in the most efficient manner possible.


    Create and backtest complex compliance guidelines for regulatory rules like SEC, UCITS, global shareholder disclosure (GSDS), and investment guidelines. Users can also automate workflows, including notifications, authorizations, reporting, and more.


    Accelerate middle and back office operations related to portfolio accounting, reconciliation, and reporting with fully automated trade settlement, including real-time interfaces with Omgeo CTM and other leading trade settlement providers and custodian-based systems. Utilizing  FIX, XML, and real-time APIs, operate in a zero-touch environment and automatically post trades to the back office via a single database configuration.


    Institutional investment managers often have multiple data sets, which creates inaccuracies.

    It’s too expensive and time-intensive to upgrade to the latest features of legacy-based systems.

    Use the INDATA cloud-native SaaS to ensure functionality is always up to date. Since it’s SaaS, INDATA hosts the software and pushes all updates automatically and seamlessly without incurring additional costs.

    OMS and PMS are separate systems.

    Implement Architect AI, the industry’s first trading (OMS), portfolio management (PMS) portfolio accounting, and performance reporting solution. It leverages AI and machine learning, too, in one platform.

    Manual processes and Excel sheets slow down productivity.

    Streamline workflows with modern software that enables improved productivity through automation.

    Firms have concerns about rising costs and operational risk.

    Leverage INDATA front-middle and back-office managed services to support internal teams. Options also include compliance-as-a-service, IT, implementation, and more.

    Compliance worries keep firms from evolving their technology.

    Trust in INDATA’s compliance functionality that leverages expert INDATA staff for rule writing, setup, and testing.

    Data warehouses are complex and expensive.

    INDATA data management and BI reporting supersede traditional legacy-based data warehouses.


    INDATA is changing the way institutional investment managers work. Its cloud-native SaaS delivers all the functionality needed to be effective, enhance compliance, and become an effective data-driven organization. BI reporting, AI tools, and considerable knowledge make INDATA the clear choice for an industry looking for better business partners. 

    INDATA features go beyond the norm, including what/if analysis, models-within-models, sleeve-based, and multi-security trading tools.

    Comprehensive Analytics

    Users enjoy a comprehensive environment of analytics and data for holistic views of portfolios, accounts, and composites.

    25+ Years of Tailored Investment Solutions

    INDATA has been supporting institutional investment management for over 25 years. As a result, the solutions provided align with the needs and expectations of modern firms.

    Elevating Operations with Managed Outsourcing

    Firms turn to INDATA for more than just software. Managed outsourcing services empower ops teams to provide the most timely and accurate information to front-office stakeholders and executives.


    The ecosystem of institutional investment management is vast and often complex. The solutions firms adopt should create efficiencies and serve the specific use case in question. From trade order management to portfolio accounting, through to compliance and BI reporting, and more, INDATA solutions empower the industry to be proactive and ready to meet the changing needs of institutional customers and regulators as a way to future-proof trading and investment operations.


    Implement SaaS-based solutions to drive the greatest efficiency, automation, and insights with INDATA. With these solutions, institutional investment managers can also take advantage of AI, all within the security of a private, cloud-based solution.


    Investment management software connects traders with portfolio managers, compliance officers, and operations staff in real time. It includes managing portfolios, auditing compliance, optimizing performance, and tracking all types of financial investments from a portfolio accounting perspective. It incorporates features like automation, report creation, and AI for analytics.

    INDATA solutions for institutional investment management include Architect AI, iPM Portal, and Architect AI Reporting. Architect AI provides OMS and PMS functionality based on AI and machine learning. iPM Portal is portfolio management software that integrates analytics and CRM functions. Architect AI Reporting offers data management and BI reporting capabilities.   The solutions are deployed on a SaaS basis with complementary managed services for complete automation.

    The design and features of INDATA’s SaaS and technology represent the specific workflows and needs of institutional investment managers. Key differentiators include real-time data flow, integrations of o  data from third parties, and complete managed services. It’s also cloud-native, web-based, and has private, secure, and scalable hosting via INDATA’s iPM Private Cloud operating model.


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