Managed Services Case Study

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    Inverness Counsel Benefits from INDATA EOD Pricing Service

    Firm Utilizes INDATA End-of-Day (EOD) delivered via iPM Cloud to Replace Bloomberg
    Reducing Costs and increasing Operational Efficiency

    Inverness Counsel is an independent, registered investment advisor (RIA) based in New York City with more than $3.3 Billion in AUM. Inverness has a long-term track record working with high-net-worth individuals, families, and trusts. As an RIA keenly focused on clients, streamlining data, operations, and technology is essential.

    A long-time INDATA software client, Inverness had used both in-house and third-party solutions before using INDATA’s software and then expanding to include INDATA EOD as well as iPM Cloud. INDATA’s EOD (End of Day) Pricing Service provides end-of-day prices, splits, dividends, and other corporate actions information to clients. INDATA EOD offers a cost-effective and complete alternative to major industry providers such as Bloomberg and IDC, which are often expensive and difficult to maintain. In addition, INDATA EOD is delivered on a fully automated basis via iPM Cloud as part of INDATA’s Managed Services Offering.

    “Now that we have implemented INDATA’s EOD pricing we have not only been able to reduce costs, we have completely automated our pricing procedures which allows us to focus more on client facing activities.”

    Christine Collins, Manager of Operations

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    INDATA’s SOC 2 Type II and SSAE 18 Type II audited Managed Services Offering delivers a variety of services to clients including data, back-office reconciliation, performance verification, compliance, IT, and other related functions for investment managers. By leveraging managed services, investment firms are expertly positioned for growth where data, essential operational activities, procedures, and tech become elastic and scale to meet the needs of each individual client.

    About INDATA EOD

    INDATA End of Day (EOD) is a service offered by INDATA for in-house or hosted iPM Cloud clients that provides daily securities pricing and reference data. With increased downward fee pressures across the industry, the goal of the INDATA EOD Service is to reduce unnecessary overhead costs associated with third-party data vendors.