Big Data and Its Developing Role in Buy-Side Firms

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    Tabb Forum posted an interesting article on Big Data and its developing role in buy-side firms in the upcoming years. When polled, they found the majority of investment management firms saw market data and analytics as their largest focus in future investment, but they didn’t know how and where to place the responsibility for data governance within their firm.

    At INDATA, we find a great approach for the buy side is to partner with vendors who understand the practical applications of big data tech. While big data applications to gain greater business insights involving market data and analytics are certainly exciting and have the potential to deliver great insights and also potentially reduce the costs of trading, there are other practical and immediate applications for big data tech that can give investment managers advantages in such areas as marketing and compliance. By having a more holistic approach to data management, buy side firms and their investment technology partners can create a data governance framework using big data tech that provides tangible ROI, thereby increasing buy in for the stakeholders of the firm.