Investment Management Software

    INDATA’s investment management software links traders with portfolio managers, executing brokers, compliance officers, and operations staff in real-time (front middle back office), resulting in efficient and error-free trading.


    SaaS, Web/Cloud-based, fully configurable investment portfolio management software based on AI, machine learning, big data/in-memory computing and other emerging technologies.  Learn More>

    Traditional enterprise-wide OMS/Front and Back Office investment software including portfolio modeling/trade generation (investment manager software), pre/post trade compliance, trading blotter, attribution, reporting.

    Both systems provide advanced functionality including:

    -> Robust portfolio modeling and rebalancing
    -> Condition based “if/then” order generation
    -> Advanced Compliance including GSDS
    -> Family and group trading capabilities

    -> “What/if” analysis across asset classes
    -> Multi-currency
    -> Tax lot tracking tools
    -> Risk/attribution/fundamental analytics

    -> Multi-security swapping
    -> Multi-asset
    -> Tax efficient portfolio management
    -> Long/short fund management

    Used by Fund Managers, RIA’s, Wealth Managers, Pension Funds & Hedge Funds for Asset Management Front Middle Back Office
    with < $1 Billion to > $100 Billion AUM

    INDATA’s investment management software fully accommodates automated directed brokerage and step-out creation, plus it provide real-time blotter analytics with complete integration of live pricing and analytical data from third party providers. iPM also includes EMS functionality with effective program and list trading tools, extensive connectivity with established algorithmic trading providers, dark pools, TCA and integration with third party products. iPM manages all fixed income security types with specialized trading modules for mortgage/asset backed and cash management (i.e. commercial paper, money markets, etc.), interest rate swaps and credit default swaps.


    Rapidly and efficiently execute orders and trades across asset classes. Advanced blotter features including cross-linked grids, multiple selections, algos, and blotter analytics. Fully customizable per user. Built by traders, for traders.

    Portfolio Managers

    Quickly and efficiently generate “what if” trades, rebalance portfolios, manage cash, check compliance, update models and view analytics & reports based on the latest tech including AI, machine learning and industry leading technology.


    Set-up and back test complex compliance guidelines involving regulatory rules like SEC, UCITS, and GSDS (Global Shareholder Disclosure) as well as investment guidelines. Automate workflows including notifications, authorizations and more.

    Middle Back Office

    Middle back office operations software with fully automated trade settlement including real-time interface with Omgeo CTM and other leading providers and custodian systems. Supports FIX and XML interfaces. Fully automated posting of trades to back office via single database configuration.

    INDATA iPM Buy-Side Software Workflow

    INDATA’s investment management software solutions automate essential functions including portfolio/fund accounting, administration, reconciliation, performance measurement, reporting, billing and include optional managed services to empower operations staff to provide more timely and accurate information to front office stakeholders.


    i-p-m portal

    iPM Portal integrates portfolio analytics and CRM functions to provide users with a holistic view of portfolio information; including performance analytics and contact information for portfolios, accounts, and composites. Includes optional client portal for client access to information. Learn More>


    Traditional portfolio accounting, performance measurement, reporting and billing solutions. Includes optional managed services such a reconciliation, performance verification, system administration and other operational activities.

    Both systems provide advanced functionality including:

    -> Portfolio Accounting & Valuation
    -> Advanced Reconciliation including cost basis
    -> Performance Measurement & Attribution
    -> GIPS Compliant Composite Maintenance & Reporting

    -> Historical Holdings
    -> Multi-tiered billing module
    -> Client statements and customizable reports
    -> Client Reporting portal w/ client access to key info

    -> Transaction history
    -> Capital changes
    -> Dividends
    -> Historical prices

    INDATA Data Aggregation & BI Reporting solutions provide a modern approach to data management and business intelligence reporting without the unnecessary complexity and expense of traditional data warehouses.


    INDATA’s Architect AI Data Analytics is a modern SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that provides investment managers with the ability to easily aggregate data sources in order to provide enterprise-wide BI (Business Intelligence) reporting integrating data from their key providers.

    Key Functionality

    -> Create web-based, interactive dashboard visualizations and reports for your entire organization; report templates included
    -> Portfolio Managers, Traders, Marketing & Client Services, Compliance and Operations as well as Senior Executives all benefit from better information without the hassle of manually manipulating data in excel
    -> “Plug-in” to all of your data providers including front/middle/back-office systems, market data, CRM, research and other sources of data, including spreadsheets

    Key Technology

    -> Web-based; No IT required, Easy Access, No Software Updates Needed
    -> True SaaS, unlike competing solutions
    -> Choose from cloud-based, iPM Private or public cloud options or in-house/deployed solutions
    -> Big Data Analytics/In-memory Computing Resource Included
    -> Create a central data repository and benefit from practical AI like Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning both now and in the future