iPM Cloud: Investment Management Technology


    iPM Cloud users gain all the benefits of the cloud’s nimbleness but with the security of a private network. Firms receive all the necessary computing hardware, third-party software, and security features as part of the delivery. The proprietary model of iPM Cloud enables users to access the system from anywhere and rapidly scale as needed without the need for IT resources. IT

    Users get the security benefits of a dedicated hosted environment but with the flexibility of a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model. There’s no commingling of client data for added protection, making the solution seamless for clients. Investment firms using iPM Cloud no longer have to pay capital expenses for maintaining in-house IT infrastructure and can be more agile in their use of technology as INDATA takes care of tech upgrades just like software updates. 

    With INDATA’s solution, investment managers can focus on client servicing and investment performance, minimizing distractions caused by inefficient or legacy technology. The cloud’s powerful features align with ongoing wealth management needs, including the ability to leverage big data analytics and AI for insights and hosting applications tailored specifically to individual client needs.

    The INDATA Solutions Ecosystem

    iPM Cloud is one component of INDATA’s cloud-based wealth management software. Together, these solutions deliver comprehensive investment management technology to clients.

    Architect AI

    Architect AI is a modular OMS, PMS, Accounting, Performance, and Reporting solution. It includes portfolio construction, modeling, rebalancing, compliance, trading, accounting, and reporting, with AI and machine learning for seamless workflows. It integrates OMS with EMS capabilities or third-party systems. Architect AI Reporting is an optional add-on module.

    Architect AI Reporting

    Architect AI Reporting, an add-on module using Microsoft Power BI, enables advanced reporting with data aggregation and analytics. It offers detailed insights by integrating data dimensions, time horizons, and visualizations.

    iPM Portal

    Architect AI Reporting, an add-on module using Microsoft Power BI, enables advanced reporting with data aggregation and analytics. It offers detailed insights by integrating data dimensions, time horizons, and visualizations.



    Firms gain all the security advantages of a dedicated hosted environment but with a SaaS model that includes ongoing software updates. Each INDATA client has access to their own cloud platform without sharing databases and underlying tech with others.


    iPM Cloud provides a complete solution for cloud-based software. It includes the private cloud, hardware, software, and infrastructure. Firms can outsource technology and system maintenance to an experienced partner.


    Uptime and access to cloud-based investment management software are critical. iPM Cloud’s design features ensure robust disaster recovery and full redundancy, allowing users to experience peace of mind with rapid data recovery capabilities built in.


    iPM Cloud’s design facilitates on-demand scaling as the needs of firms evolve. The cloud powers cloud-based wealth management software that enables firms to secure faster time to market versus conventional hosting or standard SaaS frameworks that commingle client data and resources.


    Investment managers can automate big data challenges by optimizing the capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis, and visualization of data. This can occur from a front, middle, and back office perspective for a competitive advantage.


    Investment managers and wealth advisors can achieve a daily workflow to operate efficiently and make better decisions. They get proactive alerts relating to scenarios or processes that need immediate or future attention for real-time oversight and control.


    The amount of data generated in investment management is immense. Integrating and analyzing it in real-time is crucial for performance. iPM Cloud allows users to quickly gain insights for data-driven decision-making.


    Managers and advisors always have the most current version of cloud-based wealth management software. INDATA updates the platform automatically, and firms never need to worry about hardware and maintenance.


    INDATA builds connected, optimized, and secure investment management technology. Those implementing it can expect greater efficiency, productivity, and insights. It’s the leading choice for savvy firms embracing a future-forward approach to wealth and portfolio management. 

    Architect AI is the investment industry’s first solution for constructing portfolios, modeling, rebalancing, compliance, trading, portfolio accounting, and reporting. With embedded AI and machine learning, the INDATA software provides a feature-rich solution. Hosting it in the iPM Cloud ensures it’s always available and secure.

    Real-Time and Historical Insights

    Users have access to complete portfolio dashboards of current and historical data for more informed decision-making.

    Seamless Workflows and Integration

    INDATA has been supporting institutional investment management for over 25 years. As a result, the solutions provided align with the needs and expectations of modern firms.

    Accurate Reporting and Complete Transparency

    Accurate reporting and complete transparency set firms and their clients up for success.


    INDATA’s iPM Cloud provides the foundation for many use cases within wealth management organizations. It’s the hub of data, analysis, reporting, and more. Users have instant access to information without the obstacles that may be present with in-house solutions that require dedicated IT resources. The entire organization can realize greater operational efficiency.


    iPM Cloud delivers accessibility for every role within the firm. With this ease of use and a centralized solution, portfolio managers, traders, client services, marketing, compliance, and operations can all access INDATA software-associated information with ease.


    Cloud-based software describes any program or application managed, stored, or available in a cloud environment where the tech is hosted by a third party rather than the end user hosting the system with their own servers and network resources. Access to cloud software requires an internet connection and login credentials at an optimum level and may require other third-party software at a less optimum level.

    Firms using cloud-based software can enjoy many advantages, including:

    • Cost savings from the elimination of in-house IT such as servers as well as the automation of associated IT tasks
    • Enhanced efficiency through streamlined workflows and always-on access
    • Improved security, as private cloud-based software, has numerous layers of protection
    • Greater flexibility and mobility 
    • Disaster recovery built into the product
    • Increased collaboration among employees
    • Faster insights from data analysis for better decision-making
    • Automatic updates ensure users are always on the latest software versions with no involvement from in-house IT resources

    INDATA solutions leverage several AI capabilities, including NLP (natural language processing) and machine learning. These tools work within the platform to support human actions, including automating repetitive tasks. Machine learning algorithms are useful in big data analytics to identify opportunities and risks proactively. AI delivers a smarter, more optimized workflow for all.

    No. iPM Cloud is a standard for Architect AI clients.


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