Learn More About iPM

    Learn why iPM and iPM Cloud have become the premier solutions for investment management firms.

    The importance of having an up to date technology platform in place to cope with additional compliance and regulatory requirements as well as the demand for greater transparency has led savvy firms to iPM. One iPM user called it, “outstanding in its compliance and transparency.”

    iPM is the ideal combination of:

    • State-of-the-art technology, with built-in disaster recovery
    • Instant scalability
    • Faster implementation times than conventional systems
    • Fully open system architecture
    • Integrated data management tools
    • Comprehensive functionality for portfolio and fund accounting, reconciliation, performance and attribution, reporting, compliance, trade order management, billing, CRM and Research Management, among other key functional areas

    Set your firm up for success by ensuring you have the iPM advantage. Learn how iPM can help your firm increase transparency, decrease operational risk and as well as administrative overhead. Get more info today!