MiFID II: Q1 2017 Update

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The countdown to MiFID II’s January 2018 implementation date is underway with firms evaluating whether or not they have the solutions in place for their businesses. The Directive places a great burden on firms’ data management infrastructure, with many existing solutions and processes not adequate to deal with the intense ramp up in data volume. This article on Bobsguide clearly articulates many of the challenges facing firms in their MiFID II strategies, including the need for validation and end-to-end reconciliations with data enhancements.

At INDATA, much of the work that we have done to prepare our clients for MiFID II involves the sophisticated enterprise-wide data management capabilities based on big data technology that are part of our Epic solution which runs through front-middle and back office. So our clients will not only be thoroughly prepared for MiFID II, they will also gain competitive advantages for their businesses in the process.