No-Robo Interview

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    Proper analysis of big data can give asset managers the edge, but robots don’t necessarily hold all the answers, says INDATA’s David Csiki.

    How can asset managers best use data analytics to their advantage?

    The latest technology offers asset managers big data analytical tools, which can give them access to a superior set of capabilities to those they have had previously. In the past, technology focused on relational databases, which required a lot of database administration and data warehouses, all of which was very labor-intensive.
    For INDATA clients we have used big data technology to integrate and unify a wide variety of data sources, which is essential for investment managers. Big data tools can do this more effectively because of the way they’re constructed and configured, and the end result is that asset managers can have their data at their fingertips, unlocking it from the silo structures that were previously in place, and actually being able to use it. If an asset manager has access to accurate, high quality data that is up to date, then it could gain real advantages over its competitors.

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