Order And Execution Management

    Order And Execution Management

    Trade Order Management System 

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    INDATA’s Trade Order Management System is the investment industry’s first order and execution management (oms/ems) software that allows for portfolio construction (AI portfolio management), modeling, rebalancing, oms compliance, oms trading, and reporting solutions based on AI and machine learning (AI trading software).

    Top Features of INDATA’s Trade Order Management System

    The iPM Portfolio Architect AI trade order management system is designed to meet the needs of Traders, Portfolio Managers, and Compliance Officers. It provides an at-a-glance overview of key data relevant to all buyside trading activities, bridging the gap between the high-level portfolio overviews required by portfolio managers and the real-time, market-driven data needed by traders, simplifying the trade order management process and increasing speed and efficiency for end users through “one-click” functionality, “look-throughs” and efficient dashboards that can be configured by user and relevant teams through user profiles.

    OMS Trading

    Portfolio Managers can utilize iPM Portfolio Architect AI to automate manual trade creation and rebalancing activities while minimizing operational, compliance and market risk by defining custom configurations that provide intelligent insights into portfolios and funds, including performance information and other analytics.

    EMS Trading

    Traders have seamless access to all trading venues and can use iPM Portfolio Architect AI to accurately manage orders across multiple liquidity sources and across all broker FIX destinations.

    Portfolio Architect AI

    Watch the video to learn how INDATA’s Portfolio Architect AI simplifies the trade order management process

    INDATA’s Fully Integrated Trade Order Management System Simplifies All Aspects of Order and Execution Management for Buyside Firms by

    -> Simplifying all regular investment activities
    -> Increasing front, middle , and back office operational efficiency
    -> Integrating seamlessly with internal and external systems via open APIs
    -> Leveraging emerging technologies to deliver an industry-leading solution
    -> Aggregating data from multiple streams for at-a-glance overviews
    -> Automating complex and multi-faceted workflows with AI based tools
    -> Delivering a robust compliance solution to your trade order management process which includes pre-trade, post-trade, and real-time compliance
    -> Serving the needs of all OMS trading systems and EMS trading systems users
    -> Giving your team the intelligent insights needed to better serve your clients

    Key Functionality

    -> Full IBOR or Flush & Fill Options Available (full trade order management system)
    -> Comprehensive Pre-trade, Post-trade and Real-time Compliance with Full Services
    -> Strong Portfolio Modeling, Model Portfolio Maintenance and Attribution (AI investment software)
    -> Advanced Trading Capabilities (full order management system, oms ems)
    -> Managed Services Options for Back Office, Custodial Data Recon, etc.
    -> Full Event-Driven Audit Trail & Regulatory Reporting
    -> Fully Integrated BI (Business Intelligence) Reporting

    Key Technology

    -> Web-based; No IT required, Easy Access, No Software Updates Needed
    -> True SaaS, unlike competing solutions
    -> Private Cloud, Public Cloud or In-house Deployed Option
    -> Big Data Analytics/In-memory Computing Resource Included
    -> Leverages Practical AI like Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning
    -> Full API, Fintech Approach
    -> The Open OMS/PMS

    Architect AI – Forward-facing, Easy-to-use. Everything you need in an OMS; Nothing you don’t.

    INDATA’s Portfolio Architect AI Trade Order Management System leverages AI tools like natural language processing (NLP) to perform complex workflows more quickly, allowing all investment management roles, including portfolio managers, traders, compliance, operations, and key executives, to work more efficiently. By reducing the number of clicks and keystrokes required in any given process, Architect AI saves firms significant time.

    Our fund manager software is fully customizable, providing an optimized trade order management process that aligns with each firm’s unique investment strategies and enhances productivity.

    FAQs: How is OMS Trading Different From EMS Trading?

    Investment professionals are familiar with OMS systems, but may be wondering how they differ from EMS systems. As technology evolves, the roles of traders, portfolio managers, compliance officers, and ops are more important than ever and becoming even more integrated. However, the primary distinctions between the two types of systems are in who uses them and for what purpose.

    What is an OMS?

    An Order Management System (OMS) is a software platform that helps investment firms manage their portfolio holdings, orders, executions, and compliance activities related to trading in a centralized and efficient manner. By automating various manual processes, an OMS streamlines the order lifecycle (lifecycle of a trade) and helps companies increase their operational efficiency and trading performance.

    What is an EMS?

    EMS systems are primarily used by traders to ensure streamlined trading activities by providing fast, reliable, and accurate access to a variety of trading venues and platforms.

    INDATA’s Portfolio Architect AI offers investment firms an all-in-one solution, streamlining portfolio management, trading, compliance, and operations through a single trade order management system that serves all end users efficiently.