Solutions for Portfolio Managers & Traders


    Managing trading operations can be complex. Fast-paced and volatile market conditions can create friction in terms of processes. Portfolio managers and trade managers need a new, modern approach to legacy systems that they are currently using It starts by elevating the tech stack.

    INDATA’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model offers solutions that create a seamlessly connected experience. INDATA’s portfolio management software, iPM Portal, provides a web-based platform for a holistic view of portfolio data, performance analytics, account information, documents, composites, and more.

    INDATA’s trade order management software, Architect AI, delivers a first-class experience for traders and portfolio managers who value ease of use as well as speed. It’s a comprehensive solution that provides a robust trade order management solution (OMS) that also integrates EMS (execution management system) functions. It was the first to integrate practical AI tools and robust data analytics, and INDATA keeps innovating to meet the needs of firms today and tomorrow.

    The third major component is fully integrated  SaaS-based BI reporting, Architect AI Reporting. It allows portfolio and trade managers to aggregate data sources and integrate third-party data. With these capabilities, enterprisewide BI reporting is possible.

    A tech stack comprising these essential tools also allows firms to differentiate themselves and stand out in a competitive field. Advanced technology can make all the difference in growing automation and also industry perception from clients and consultants.



    In trading, every detail matters. There’s also no room for mistakes, which can become prevalent with manual processes and external spreadsheets that are commonplace within the industry that have been built around legacy-based OMS/PMS systems Use INDATA investment portfolio management software to create orders and execute trades quickly and efficiently without relying on spreadsheets. The system’s advanced features check for possible errors throughout the process, which d are all customizable from the trader’s perspective. Effective and error-free workflows create speed and efficiency for the trading desk.


    INDATA’s SaaS accelerates workflows around “what if” order creation, rebalancing portfolios, checking compliance, getting trades approved, updating models, and viewing analytics and reports used for investment decision-making. Practical AI automation makes these processes even easier and friction-free.  Portfolio managers also require real-time order status visibility and rules-based handling for complex, large, and time-sensitive orders. They have all of these capabilities and more with INDATA, eliminating time-consuming workflows so portfolio managers can focus on investment ideas and analysis.


    Traders and managers of portfolios often work in silos where systems and data are not effectively integrated.

    Experience collaboration and connectedness between teams with investment portfolio management software designed with this in mind. Everyone has the information at their fingertips.

    Legacy systems often lack native support for new markets or security types.

    Receive full support across markets and asset classes with INDATA, breaking down barriers to expansion.

    The absence of real-time data flowing between systems creates undue risk and has compliance impacts that can hinder investment decision-making.

    Make data-driven, accurate decisions with full access to real-time data. Real-time e-integrations with external systems via APIs are included to ensure nothing goes uncovered.

    Integrations from third parties often have gaps, creating issues with portfolio management and trading.

    Remove blind spots with a fully integrated system that delivers real-time pricing, third-party data, and more.

    Inefficiency is rampant due to antiquated interfaces and legacy-based workflows that are too rigid.

    Remove these obstacles with a highly customizable solution from INDATA that aligns with the most efficient workflows for your firm.

    Users must log into different systems depending on the asset class, causing lost productivity.

    Implement INDATA portfolio management software and OMS that enables trading across any type of asset.

    Security master data is problematic in terms of reconciliation when systems don’t have full integration.

    Solve this ongoing issue with a pre-populated security master from INDATA.

    Order creation through to execution is slow due to too many manual processes.

    Leave repetitive tasks behind with streamlined workflows supported by smart automation powered by practical AI tools using natural language.

    Leave repetitive tasks behind with streamlined workflows supported by smart automation powered by practical AI tools using natural language.

    Ensure all functionality is always available with the INDATA SaaS model. Updates happen automatically without any need for intervention or internal resources. The frequency of updates can be controlled by the client with INDATA iPM Private Cloud deployment model.


    INDATA solutions empower traders and portfolio managers. The features and capabilities reimagine everyday activities in a much more efficient way. They create greater speed, accuracy, and context. Some key components include real-time data, custom reporting, real-time integrations, data analytics, and customizable dashboards. INDATA products are trusted, proven, and secure via our unique iPM private cloud solution.

    Real-Time and Historical Insights

    Users have access to complete portfolio dashboards of current and historical data for more informed decision-making.

    Seamless Workflows and Integration

    INDATA has been supporting institutional investment management for over 25 years. As a result, the solutions provided align with the needs and expectations of modern firms.

    Accurate Reporting and Complete Transparency

    Accurate reporting and complete transparency set firms and their clients up for success.


    INDATA delivers portfolio management software and a trade order management system that addresses all the challenges most firms encounter. Most struggle with inefficiencies and a lack of continued improvement over time. INDATA solutions clear the way with intuitive technology. Traders and portfolio managers can work more efficiently with access to the information they need when they need it. 


    Having an up-to-date tech stack for PMS/OMS supporting Portfolio Managers and Traders propels future success. Doing this with INDATA is an intuitive process. Experts listen to your needs to implement the best experience. Effective trade order management software should eliminate onerous activities. Adding in AI and machine learning creates unparalleled efficiency as well as insights.


    Portfolio management software provides users with a complete view of information about their investments including as-of holdings, transactions, and performance. Its features include order generation tools, trade execution, performance analytics, CRM functionality (as needed), documentation, and all data related to an account or portfolio.

    INDATA solutions for traders and portfolio managers include Architect AI, iPM Portal, Architect AI Reporting, Portfolio Accounting Investment Management Software, and Managed Services delivered via iPM Cloud Investment Management Technology. Architect AI is a trade order management system with OMS and PMS. iPM Portal is advanced portfolio management software with account views, analytics, and CRM functions. Architect AI Data Reporting is a solution for data management and BI reporting.

    INDATA technology has a fully modern design and tech stack that incorporates the latest AI and machine learning tools as well as advanced and integrated data analytics. It covers the workflows and requirements for traders and portfolio managers. It’s flexible, customizable, and easy to use. The SaaS model ensures that the newest features are always available. INDATA hosts the applications for customers in a private, secure, and scalable cloud via iPM Private Cloud investment management technology.


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