Portfolio Management Software

    Portfolio Management Software

    iPM Portal: Portfolio Management Software 

    iPM Portal integrates easy-to-use, web-based portfolio management software as well as CRM functionality, providing users with a holistic view of portfolio information including performance analytics, contact information, documents and related data for portfolios, accounts and composites. Accounts can consist of individuals associated with a given relationship including households, families, or associated individuals. 

    Viewing data quickly at any of these levels is critical as is being able to provide detailed and personalized information as required.  Our wealth management reporting software portal also includes external client access features that provide a cutting-edge digital experience for the end client.

    INDATA Portfolio Management System Features

    At INDATA, our iPM Portal SaaS stands out as the premier portfolio management system for investment firms. Our comprehensive suite of portfolio accounting, wealth management, and CRM software functionality provides top-of-the-line integrations that enable an unparalleled user and client experience, featuring:

    Complete Portfolio Dashboards

    With iPM Portal, you can gain real-time visibility into your entire set of relationships, enabling you to make informed decisions based on current and historical data at a high level or as granular as is needed for servicing clients.

    Client Access to Portfolios

    As a modern investment firm, you understand the importance of providing your clients with transparency surrounding their investments. Our client access features grant your clients 24/7 access to their portfolios allowing them to view their investments at their convenience.

    Streamlined Workflows

    Our portfolio management system functionality is designed to integrate seamlessly with our full suite of SaaS solutions, streamlining front-middle-back office operations and eliminating the need for offline data manipulation or cumbersome Excel reports. This enables you to automate every step of the investment process and ensure a smooth experience for your investors.

    Flexible Wealth Management

    Every investment management firm is unique, which is why we designed iPM Portal to be a flexible solution that adapts to your business. Our portfolio management system features allow for customization of your platform, processes, and reports with your own unique branding.

    Key Functionality

    -> Wealth management software with customizable dashboards for individual, customized, or aggregate level accounts
    -> Portfolio management and investment reporting software
    -> Portfolio onboarding features and software for investment management 
    -> Performance analytics and portfolio data for accounts including rates-of-returns, holdings, transactions, etc. (investment manager software)
    -> Compliance Information
    -> Full Microsoft Outlook integration (including calendar, tasks, activities and email archiving), Account/Portfolio note collection, Document Management, Mail Merge, etc.

    Key Technology

    -> Client Portal provides a secure and insightful window for clients to view their account information
    -> Provides a web-based, external access view of account information, reporting, transactions and documents for end client’s assigned accounts for complete investment portfolio management software 
    -> Allows for the customization of accessible information provided to the licensee’s clients
    -> Complete Security and Data Privacy

    Accurate Reporting 

    Create impeccable reports which include performance, positions and  transactions for effective client statements and investor presentations.

    Unparalleled Transparency

    Use custom reports and the iPM Portal Client Access Portal to deliver clear insights into investment status.

    Real-Time Data

    Get up-to-the-minute data for transactions, positions, performance, and relevant portfolio data.

    Simplified Processes

    Reduce hands-on time for repetitive tasks and reduce human error by automating key workflows.

    Remote Access

    iPM Portal is a web-based solution so your team and clients can access portfolios from anywhere in the world.

    Regulatory Compliance

    iPM Portal meets the leading global best practices and standards for privacy and security.

    What is a Portfolio Management System?

    A portfolio management system, such as iPM Portal, is a type of wealth management CRM that enables firms and their clients to gain a comprehensive view of all of their investments. By providing real-time insights, these solutions allow investment managers to  manage portfolios that align with their clients’ investment objectives by strategically buying, selling, and managing assets.

    Wealth management CRMs like iPM Portal provide the most comprehensive market view by aggregating data from various sources to generate meaningful reports. Utilizing advanced technologies, these solutions provide investment managers with insights into their clients as aell as the market, helping them increase assets under management (AUM) and drive growth. As they are typically web-based, firms and their clients can access the data from anywhere, 24/7, ensuring total transparency and regulatory compliance.

    By integrating with a variety of other SaaS investment solutions, portfolio management systems streamline operations, minimize errors resulting from offline data manipulation and allow teams to track performance using detailed KPIs and metrics, all while providing a highly personalized experience for clients.

    In summary, portfolio management systems such as iPMPortal help investment managers ensure that clients receive the best possible service throughout the investment lifecycle.

    iPM Portal – Putting Mission Critical Information in the hands of client-facing end users via the web

    With our end-to-end wealth management software, accounts can be managed from an individual or aggregate level whether by strategy, portfolio manager, family group, primary broker or custom grouping. Portfolio managers, advisors and other client-facing end users can view current and historical asset allocation, performance, benchmarks, market values, security holdings, restrictions, fees and other mission-critical data with complete and immediate access to information.