Portfolio Management Software

    iPM Portal integrates portfolio analytics as well as CRM functions, providing users with a holistic view of portfolio information including performance analytics and contact information for portfolios, accounts and composites. Our wealth management portal also includes external client access features that provide a cutting-edge digital experience for the end client.

    Key Functionality

    -> Customizable dashboards for individual, customized, or aggregate level accounts
    -> Portfolio onboarding features
    -> Performance analytics and portfolio data for accounts including rates-of-returns, holdings, transactions, etc.
    -> Compliance Information
    -> Full Microsoft Outlook integration (including calendar, tasks, activities and email archiving), Account/Portfolio note collection, Document Management, Mail Merge, etc.

    Key Technology

    -> Client Portal provides a secure and insightful window for clients to view their account information
    -> Provides a web-based, external access view of account information, reporting, transactions and documents for end client’s assigned accounts
    -> Allows for the customization of accessible information provided to the licensee’s clients
    -> Complete Security and Data Privacy