INDATA Epic Data API to Improve Data Integration for Pzena

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    Firm Expands INDATA Software for Centralized Big Data Investment Data Source

    Greenwich, CT — August 1, 2017 – INDATA, a leading industry provider of software, technology, and services for buy-side firms, today announced that Pzena lnvestment Management has expanded its usage of INDATA’s Intelligent Portfolio Management® software suite by upgrading to Epic Data API, a new solution launched in May 2017. Pzena Investment Management is a global investment management firm based in New York with offices in London and Melbourne.  A publicly held firm listed on the NYSE, Pzena has more than $33 Billion in AUM.

    Pzena, an INDATA OMS and front-to-back office software client since 2001, had been looking for ways to better integrate, view, and report on both internal and external data sources for use in marketing, reporting, and investor presentations.  A significant challenge for Pzena was finding a way to efficiently integrate large amounts of data from a wide variety of sources over a significant period.  Among the business challenges was the actual size of the data as well as the variability of the different formats that needed to be integrated, a task not easily accomplished with conventional data management tools and approaches.

    “As an established investment manager with a long-term track record, we have amassed an extensive amount of data over the years, and integrating this for maximum effect presented a significant technical challenge for us.  We were very excited to hear about INDATA’s new Epic Data API solution, which we believed would bridge the gap between creating an efficient data model based on the latest technology, as well as integrating our data sources on an ongoing basis,” commented Evan Fire, Principal, Chief Information and Operations Officer for Pzena Investment Management.

    Fire continues “Now that we have fully implemented Epic Data API, not only do we have our vital investment data at our fingertips and available to our end users on a mobile-friendly basis; we also can turn what were previously static reports into interactive visualizations which help us to quickly and efficiently respond to data inquiries from clients and consultants, and present information in a much more impactful manner.”

    “Firms like Pzena understand that data is the most important resource for investment management firms.  At INDATA our overarching goal is to equip our clients with the latest technology tools, software, and services to take advantage of this most valuable resource, giving them a competitive advantage. We are delighted that Pzena has seen the benefit that our new Epic Data API solution can bring to them,” commented David J. Csiki, President of INDATA.

    Epic Data API, launched in May 2017, provides a powerful technology toolkit that allows investment managers to link and connect their external systems and data sources, resulting in the ability to provide accurate and up-to-date information via big data tools provided by iPM Epic. The solution can be leveraged to create a centralized data repository of investment data used to power software programs, reports, and visualizations, all with mobile-friendly capabilities.