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    INDATA’s iPM Portfolio Architect AI, the investment industry’s first portfolio construction, modeling, rebalancing and reporting solution based on AI and machine learning.

    Architect AI leverages natural language as well as voice capabilities to perform complex workflows rapidly, which allows portfolio managers to work more efficiently, effectively reducing the number of steps in a given process and minimizing the reliance on complex software coupled with external spreadsheets that dominate many of today’s front office workflows. The system also utilizes machine learning as well as deep learning to tailor and optimize the portfolio management process for the individual needs of each firm and their unique investment strategies.



    INDATA’s iPM Epic software suite is based on the INDATA iPM – Intelligent Portfolio Management® platform, a set of technologies for buy-side firms that allow end users to collaborate in real-time across the enterprise.

    iPM was designed to increase end user productivity, enhance the investment process and offers real-time risk, compliance and performance monitoring as well as integrated tools for marketing. Implementation of iPM Epic has shown to significantly improve business agility and decrease operational risk & administrative overhead while providing investment managers with greater transparency and a competitive advantage for targeting and managing new and existing business.

    Portfolio Accounting & Billing
    Portfolio Accounting & Billing

    iPM Back Office is a multi-instrument, multi-currency portfolio accounting system. It maintains transaction archives, capital changes, dividends, pricing and all other back-office portfolio maintenance functions. The system also has an extensive array of back-office tools such as automated reconciliation capabilities.  

    iPM Back Office contains hundreds of standard reports that cover such areas as client statements, portfolio holdings, historical transactions, portfolio analysis, performance & attribution. Performance and reporting capabilities provided full GIPS compliance. All of this functionality is standard as part of a complete reporting package.

    iPM Back Office also provides a multi-tiered billing structure that uses daily and month-end market values for accounts and account groups. The system allows users to generate customizable fee structures and to produce customized invoices as well as track all payment and historical billing information.

    investment management system software performance
    Performance, Attribution, Reporting, & CRM

    Performance: iPM Performance proactively monitors rates of return on multiple levels including total portfolio, asset classes, sectors, industries, securities and composites on a multi-currency basis.  

    When rates of return fall out of a predetermined range, performance administrators are automatically alerted in real-time and provided with descriptive information to help them validate the return or determine any data discrepancies. The system then guides end users on how to correct data related errors if required.

    In addition, iPM Performance proactively monitors all performance composites and alerts performance administrators if portfolios are in violation of the minimum asset level and large cash flow rules as required for GIPS compliance. The system also provides an automated interface for GIPS Certification.  In one click, users can extract all of the information necessary for a GIPS audit saving significant time and eliminating any manual manipulation of data which can be prone to error.

    Reporting/Attribution: iPM Epic also offers an optional Client Web Reporting Portal that provides for client statement reporting via the Internet.

    The system also eliminates delays in report production and provides automated report scheduling capabilities, allowing users to build and maintain their own client statements based on available reports. Users can also generate their own customized client reports that integrate color, text and graphics, which can be added to the system’s report library. This flexible, Internet-enabled client reporting package allows users to automatically e-mail, fax or post reports directly to the web.

    Moreover, APEX, which stands for Attribution and Performance Examiner, provides users with the unique ability to evaluate the performance of portfolios, asset classes, sectors, industries, analyst classifications and securities for any time period based on time-weighted rates of return. It also provides complete, transaction-based attribution against any benchmark, for any time period as well    as composite tracking and maintenance per GIPS standards.

    CRM: iPM Connect is the industry’s first real-time, fully integrated, web-enabled CRM and RMS (Research Management System) for investment management firms. iPM Connect integrates comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality along with client-centric portfolio management, including holdings, trading blotter views and all performance/client statement/billing reports. The system also contains a complete RMS (Research Management System) for managing and organizing investment research.

    With iPM Connect, all of your mission critical data is placed in the hands of the people who need it most, whether they are marketing, client services, portfolio management, administration or trading. This significantly streamlines the way a firm operates, eliminating unnecessary overhead and routine tasks while allowing each user to focus on their primary job, growing assets and providing better service to clients.