Welcome to INDATA iPM UK!

    The importance of having an up to date technology platform in place to cope with additional compliance and regulatory requirements as well as the demand for greater transparency has led savvy UK-based investment management firms to implement iPM. 

    iPM Key Features

    • Proactive System Generated Alerts in Real-Time based on Centralized Data Management Tools, Process Improvement and Guided Workflow Management
    • Comprehensive and Easily Accessible Audit Trail based on all Operational Events for end-to-end Compliance

    iPM Deployment Options (available via iPM Private Cloud or in-house solutions)

    • Back Office portfolio accounting, performance, reporting, billing and associated functions
    • Front/Middle Office including Dealing/OMS system, portfolio modelling, compliance, trade settlement, optional CRM
    • Front to Back Office that includes all of the above; satisfies industry best practices and provides best of class solution that provides IBOR (investment book of record)
    • Full outsourcing model or a la carte services available