Advisors and Wealth Managers

    Advisors and Wealth Managers

    Wealth Management Software for Independent Advisors​

    In the competitive world of financial management, independent advisors require top-of-the-line technology to stay ahead. INDATA’s SaaS-based solution offers a complete suite of tools specifically tailored for independent advisors with a wealth management approach.

    Why INDATA

    Our wealth management software includes tax-optimized rebalancing and overlay management tools, allowing advisors to maximize returns while minimizing taxes. Our pre-trade/post-trade/real-time compliance and threshold monitoring features help advisors comply with regulatory requirements and monitor risk thresholds. Our robust trade order management (OMS) system provides a multi-asset approach, allowing advisors to manage trades across multiple asset classes, including equities, fixed income, and derivatives.

    Our Investment Management Software Solutions

    Architect AI

    The investment industry’s first trading and reporting solution (OMS/EMS) based on AI and machine learning for order and execution management.

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    IPM Portal

    Portfolio management software integrating analytics and CRM functions, for a holistic view of portfolios, accounts and composites.

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    Architect AI Data Analytics

    A modern approach to data management and BI reporting without the complexity and expense of traditional data warehouses.

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    Our advanced portfolio management capabilities enable advisors to personalize and customize system output, including a client portal for real-time access to investment portfolios. The client portal includes advanced reporting features, allowing advisors to provide detailed performance reports to their clients.

    Our intuitive user interface allows independent advisors to easily manage their clients’ portfolios and deliver sophisticated investment strategies. INDATA’s wealth management software solution streamlines workflow, reduces operational costs, and provides exceptional client service.

    INDATA provides independent advisors with a comprehensive wealth management software solution, designed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service. With our customizable and sophisticated tools, independent advisors can optimize their investment strategies and take their practice to the next level.

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