Solutions for Wealth Managers & Advisors


    An advisor’s wealth management software should provide maximum flexibility for accessing client information related to investments while offering sophisticated trading tools to minimize tax exposure. However, not all wealth management technology solutions are the same. 

    INDATA delivers software for wealth managers that covers all aspects of the end-client relationship. Its core components include tax-optimized rebalancing, overlay management including sleeves, as well as robust and on-demand information related to clients and portfolios for advisors, and also a client portal that provides web access to end clients for mission-critical information.

    Users also appreciate its impressive pre-trade, post-trade, real-time compliance, and threshold monitoring capabilities on the trade order management side of things. With all of these tools, wealth managers can confidently comply with regulatory requirements and also actively monitor risk. INDATA’s robust trade order management system (OMS) enables a multi-asset approach, so advisors can easily manage trades across equities, fixed income, and other asset classes.


    Client experiences are less than exceptional.

    Tailor insights and conversations for each client with detailed analysis and visualizations of data. Create customized dashboards in seconds to build trusted relationships. These dashboards will also be available for use via iPM Client Portal to access anytime from anywhere.

    The completeness of data and using it appropriately is a roadblock for wealth managers.

    Eliminate these concerns with wealth management solutions that centralize data on an enterprise basis using fully modern approaches like BI Reporting. Advisors can be confident that all mission-critical data is accurate and available.

    Upgrading technology to the latest version is expensive and time-consuming.

    Move to cloud-native SaaS with INDATA’s wealth management software. Users always have the most current technology without any worries about hosting or relying on internal IT resources.

    Reconciliation tasks are burdensome when wealth management technology solutions only loosely connect.

    Automate reconciliation efforts with the INDATA platform, powered by AI and machine learning and backed by INDATA’s Managed Outsourcing Services backed by experienced professionals.

    Manual processes throughout the environment are painful and impact productivity.

    Streamline workflows with modern software for wealth managers that accelerate productivity through automation. Having advanced functionality enhances operational efficiency across all teams within the firm.

    Rising costs and operational risk keep firms from modernizing and advancing.

    Ease these concerns with INDATA middle and back-office managed services. Outsourcing to experienced and trusted partners lets firms delegate operational tasks, compliance, and IT so that they can focus on clients.

    Holistic views of portfolios, accounts, and composites aren’t available.

    Gain fully integrated portfolio management software and CRM functions to provide this information seamlessly to client-facing staff. Data is always up to date and available for clients.

    Reporting has many issues and isn’t customizable.

    Use INDATA wealth management reporting software for best-of-class reports based on comprehensive data that are easy to configure and update.

    Compliance worries keep firms from changing their legacy systems.

    Be confident in INDATA’s advanced SaaS approach, which includes a fully modern system backed by expert INDATA staff for implementation and post-implementation support.


    INDATA wealth management software solutions are innovative and deliver all the tools wealth managers need to stay competitive and drive ROI. Advisors can work more efficiently and power their activities with robust data analytics powered by practical AI.

    Tailored Solutions for Scalable Personalization

    INDATA wealth management software enables customization and personalization at scale.

    Instant Access to Real-Time Data and Reporting

    Fully modern client portal functionality provides real-time information and reporting features.

    Enhanced Tax, Compliance, and Risk Solutions

    Wealth managers can streamline their workflows with better capabilities for tax-optimized trading, compliance, risk monitoring, and more.


    INDATA fills the gaps that most wealth management solutions lack with an integrated, data-driven approach. With INDATA software for wealth managers, gain efficiency, intelligence, and insights. As a result, clients are more satisfied.


    Adopting INDATA wealth management software solutions becomes the foundation for success. Technology is changing how wealth advisors work. Modern features like AI and automation support the future of investing and client servicing like no other approach.


    Wealth management solutions include software and technology that advisors use to manage investments and client service for their clients. Features include portfolio management, CRM, trade order management, data aggregation, and reporting.

    INDATA solutions for wealth managers include Architect AI, iPM Portal, and Architect AI Reporting. Architect AI is a portfolio management and trade order management system that processes orders and executions in a tax-efficient manner. iPM Portal is advanced portfolio management software with account views, data analytics, and CRM functionality. Architect AI Data Reporting aggregates data and provides fully integrated BI reporting.

    Wealth advisors trust INDATA solutions because they are robust and modern, and leverage AI and machine learning. With the entire breadth of solutions, wealth managers can customize and personalize outputs and have real-time access to valuable data. These SaaS products reside in a private, secure, scalable cloud environment based on INDATA’s iPM Private Cloud solution.


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