Get to Know the Site

    Getting to Know the Site


    This site is open to current INDATA clients only.

    Members may start discussions within groups, leave comments on threads and view documents related to each group. We encourage all members to completely fill out their profiles and connect with other members.


    Groups focus around iPM modules. Within each group, you’ll see a forum for discussion on various topics, a document section for related know-how,  and a list of members. Get to know your colleagues in each group – they’re a valuable asset! And check back often for updated information and activities!


    The profile tab will show you all the activity related to your account – group updates, forum posts and updates, newly added documents, friend requests, and mentions. Filter to see the activity in one or two fields or select everything for all the activity on the site.


    This site is a collaborative effort between every participant and your ideas, suggestions and feedback are vital to its success. We want to hear what you think! Email Robyn Corcoran at with your thoughts.