BI Reporting Powered by AI


    INDATA’s Architect AI Reporting is a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that allows investment managers to aggregate data sources and integrate data from key providers to provide enterprisewide BI reporting.

    Architect AI Reporting works within INDATA’s iPM Epic, the industry’s first investment software platform specifically designed for the era of big data.

    INDATA created iPM Epic® to work effectively with a variety of large data sets. Those sources can be internal and external to the investment management firm. Investment management routinely uses these with great effort and a significant expenditure of resources. BI reporting tools, powered with AI, simplify this workflow.

    How BI Reporting Works

    BI reporting software allows users to aggregate and report on data from various data sources. It provides metrics and data analytics related to this data. It then can provide for dimensions around consolidated BI data, such as time horizons. Users can also create custom BI reports quickly with options for additional metrics and data parameters.

    INDATA’s Architect AI Reporting solution for BI Reporting is modern, easy-to-use, and designed for the era of big data, and powered by AI.



    Get the data needed with the click of a button. Eliminate the tedious steps of importing and exporting data for reports via Excel and reengineering them with macros.


    Access detailed dashboards with valuable information needed to analyze data, make decisions, and present meaningful information for clients. Confidently deliver reports based on exceptional data integrity and trackable data lineage.


    Implement plug-in integrations with essential data providers for robust BI reporting. Capabilities include aggregating from front-, middle-, and back-office systems, market data, CRM, research, and other sources of data, such as spreadsheets. This functionality saves countless hours importing and updating files.


    Receive proactive alerts to situations and processes. Notifications encompass things that need immediate or future attention, giving users real-time control.


    Automate big data challenges within each aspect of the investment process. BI reporting enables users to optimize the capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis, and visualization of data from a front-, middle-, and back-office perspective to realize a competitive advantage.


    Leverage Architect AI Reporting via iPM Cloud, INDATA’s private cloud solution, to eliminate installation, maintenance, and ongoing support activities. Use software and services without managing the underlying IT infrastructure.


    Uncover insights and turn them into action with Power BI. With this fully integrated platform, users can connect to and visualize any data within a scalable solution that offers self-service or enterprise BI solutions.


    Store data in a centralized repository so that each organization benefits from its own data for use in BI reports or other applications. INDATA’s Epic Data solution provides data management and a data warehouse aligning with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

    indata reporting


    INDATA’s Architect AI Reporting uses fully integrated Microsoft Power BI for easy data integration and reporting. With this advanced software tool, firms don’t need extensive resources or technical expertise. It’s web-based and requires no installation or in-house programming.

    Additionally, by automating and streamlining manual processes, INDATA’s BI reporting helps wealth management firms increase accuracy, save time, and build trust with clients.

    Microsoft Power BI Reporting

    Architect AI Reporting includes a full set of BI reports that use Microsoft Power BI. INDATA’s powerful BI report builder allows the easy creation of customizable interactive reports, visualizations, and dashboards. Users view sophisticated graphics, including internal analytical reports and external reporting for investor presentations.

    BI reporting allows for a complete integration of data from available sources, including historical information for comprehensive enterprise reporting for positions, transactions, attribution, and other investment data. Customize reports in seconds with Excel-like functionality. Integrate data sources on the fly and access data quickly to empower users throughout the organization.


    Adopting INDATA’s AI Architect software creates a foundation for a firm’s growth and success. Each role within the firm can benefit from its many features and AI automation. 

    Traders can rapidly execute orders and use advanced blotter functionality. Portfolio managers can generate “what-if” trades, rebalance portfolios, and update models with practical AI tools. Compliance can test guidelines and automate notifications. Middle back office operations have automated trade settlements to support position keeping and can automate data reconciliation for accurate books and records needed for portfolio accounting.


    INDATA Architect AI is a complete solution for portfolio management. Its integrated, data-driven framework makes it a valuable asset for any firm. With this unique and robust platform, organizations can reach operational efficiency goals and receive insights faster.


    Business intelligence reporting enables fully automated data collection, analysis, and presentation that’s easy to act on and understand. It serves many needs, including:

    • Assessing performance
    • Identifying trends
    • Communicating insights to employees and clients
    • Ensuring accurate data 

    As is the case with all large sets of data across disparate systems, its value can get lost without utilizing  BI reporting. When BI reports are part of a firm’s investment operations, managers can experience tangible benefits. Integrating AI into this process further enhances the potential for more rapidly available and actionable insights.

    There are five steps to take:

    1. Define goals by documenting intended objectives.
    2. Collect data from required sources, review where it resides, its format, and when the data is refreshed.
    3. Choose an existing web-based BI report visualization with the functionality required for an interactive dashboard approach to viewing data.
    4. Choose from an existing BI Report or design a new report with visuals and data organization to make it easy to understand and interpret.
    5. Share the information with stakeholders via Architect AI Reporting, via email, or mobile app.

    Big data analytics refers to collecting, storing, analyzing, and interpreting large, complex datasets. The intention is to extract practical insights. Firms adopt it to improve decision-making, identify trends, and support predictions.


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