BI Reporting

    INDATA’s Architect AI Data Analytics is a modern SaaS (Software-as-aService) solution that provides investment managers with the ability to easily aggregate data sources in order to provide enterprise-wide BI reporting (Business Intelligence), integrating data from their key providers.

    Key Functionality of the Data Management Platform

    -> Create web-based, interactive dashboard visualizations and reports for your entire
    organization; report templates included

    -> Portfolio Managers, Traders, Marketing & Client Services, Compliance and Operations as well as Senior Executives all benefit from BI reporting and better data driven information without the hassle of manually manipulating data in excel
    -> “Plug-in” to all of your data providers for robust BI reporting including front/middle/back-office systems, market data, CRM, research and other sources of data, including spreadsheets

    Architect AI Data Analytics Key Technology

    -> Web-based; No IT required, Easy Access, No Software Updates Needed
    -> True SaaS, unlike competing data management solutions
    -> Choose from cloud-based, iPM Private or public cloud options based on Microsoft Azure, or in-house/deployed solutions
    -> Big Data Analytics/In-memory computing resource Included
    -> Create a central data repository and benefit from practical AI like natural language processing & machine learning both now and in the future

    Architect AI Data Analytics: No Technical Resources Necessary. Leverage BI Reporting using SaaS

    Unlike traditional data warehouses and data management systems that require extensive resources to implement and maintain and that come at a very high cost, INDATA’s Architect AI Data Analytics utilizes the latest tech tools including Microsoft Power BI to easily interrogate and report on data, saving significant time. The system is web-based and does not require installation, technical expertise or in-house programming resources to maintain.

    Microsoft Power BI Reporting

    Architect AI Data Analytics includes a full set of BI reporting utilizing Microsoft Power BI. Create customizable interactive reports/visualizations/dashboards integrating sophisticated graphics, including internal analytical reports and external reporting for investor presentations. Integrate data from available sources including historical information for complete enterprise reporting for positions, transactions, attribution and other key investment data. Customize reports in seconds with excel-like functionality. Integrate data sources on-the-fly and have your firm’s enterprise data at your fingertips to empower users throughout your firm.