Data Crunching Managers Strike Analytic Gold

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    Great article in today’s FundFire citing the fact that 43% of firm’s surveyed are using big data oriented strategies within their organizations, the majority of which were asset managers. ¬† This statistic mirrors the high level interest and client adoption we have garnered since launching our iPM Epic offering with managers large and small understanding the benefits of big data technology.

    Among the more salient points in the article are how the marketing departments at different investment firms are benefiting from big data technology. ¬†While the article cites the more traditional ideas of mining social media and other sources of unstructured data for insights, at INDATA we fundamentally see big data technology as a way for our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering more insightful analysis regardless of the type of data being used compared to firms using yesterday’s technology where data is contained in silos and is not easily accessible to marketing.