Data Management Technology Key to New Compliance Regulations

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    After reading Investit’s findings based on their recent London conference for investment management firms, it’s no surprise that data management is a big priority for 2012.

    What seems to separate the U.K. from their U.S. counterparts is that U.K. managers seem to understand the direct and linear connection between data management and being able to accommodate upcoming regulations. In the U.S., on the other hand, data management  is still sometimes seen as being somewhat abstract and largely a sell side concept.

    Complying with new regulations is all about the data. Not only gathering it, but also being able to perform compliance checks with the assumption that the underlying data is accurate. This is a big assumption indeed. The only way to check for data accuracy is to employ data management technology, otherwise the task at hand is next to impossible given the reams of data which must be analyzed at least daily and often in real time.

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